Mar 20, 2014

A village of artists, hidden from the global audience!

Art is a form of expression.. As they say a picture speaks a thousand words, the artists express one thing or the other through their art works. There are innumerable forms of art and every single form is distinct in itself bearing uniqueness of a different kind. Only true art lovers will realise the depth in a work by an artist.

Painting is one of the most beautiful forms of art. The paintings mesmerises few, it makes people keep staring at them for hours! and what not! The hard work behind a painting is enormous. From drafting the sketch to selection of colours and canvases & the final humongous task of getting the painting done.

Here is a real life tale of a village of artists . The village is Raghurajpur, in Puri district of Orissa, India. The artists here, create small to very large, life size paintings - All Hand-Painted! and that is a commendable of them...  The paintings are called as Pattachitra Paintings and the art dates back to 5 B.C . these paintings are usually based on Hindu Mythology and are inspired by "Jagannatha" and the "Vaishnava" Cult.

These artists toil day and night to get these paintings done with precision and accuracy. The art works they create are usually left unsold or are given to the temple. Recently, a few people started buying them at rock bottom prices. The people did sell as they felt that these art-works did fetch them some money. But the people who used to buy them , knew the actual worth of it and were selling it at massive premium prices in art galleries across India. This is just like farmers being under-treated by the middlemen.

To eradicate this problem, and to make sure these artists get what their art-works are actually worth of, I ask you to join this initiative of setting up an online presence for these artists and get their art on a global platform. This initiative has been started by TATA CAPITAL, The journey of doing right. Pledge your support and help them get their worth. All it takes is a couple of minutes.

Watch this video for more details on the artists of Raghurajpur.