Jan 16, 2014

A break from social media.

It is a new calender year, with this the calendar in our homes are changed, fireworks, parties etc around the globe are on a peak around this time. Along with this, it is time for vacation for an engineering student like me. Thanks to VTU that the exams that began in 2013, has finally ended in 2014.

This is my experience of not being online for a few days on social media and how beneficial it was for me...

People in these vacation days, go on tours, excursions and plan many other stuff according to their taste. Mine was something that I had never tried before - A brief absence from social media sites. YES! a break from social media... (I may sound idiotic but this was kind of something unusual on the first day but it was worth it!)

When I had joined engineering, I had no internet access during weekdays as I had no smartphone or laptop with me but those were days in 2011 where I had no option but to stay absent on social media. Gone are those days and I was a totally addicted to internet and along with it came , addiction to social media. From Facebook to twitter, I had an account in no time and in all sites known to me. The main intention was to stay in touch with old friends and family who are away scattered in different places around the globe. The friend list on Facebook saw an upper trend and in some time it reached quite a staggering number.This addiction had grown so much that every day I logged into these sites at-least twice and the time spent was quite large ranging from 30 minutes to few hours which depends on the type of activities.

The day was January 6, 2014. The day I last logged into my online social media accounts. Since then I had spent time doing many other stuff on and offline which I always wanted to do but had done only a part of it. Had extra amount of sleep time, less data usage blah blah blah. All I can say is even if I had not logged in, there was too many distractions which pulled me over towards it, which I did avoided (phew!!).

Facebook has evolved over the times that it has been converted into a marketing network along with being a platform to connect with people. There are loads of contests going on and hell lot of goodies and prizes up for grabs that are too good to ignore and that keeps making people attracted towards these sites.

My break from these sites might have brought relief to many people as I am used to post too many contest links and shares regarding the same (though few did benefit me hugely). Guys, it was for just few days and you will get more of these in coming days (Pun intended). 

First thing was that I had to logout of all the social media apps and their respective messengers (these eat up too much of the bandwidth and usage of a network) , which was easy as I had to do a factory reset on the phone to get the newer version of the OS on my phone. Apps gone, no more pestering of the apps to get online. And what more, just enjoy the days reading books, magazines, watching movies and also loads of other stuff. 

I was just two days past when I had received my first distraction! an E-mail from Facebook(Duh!) . It states that "A lot has happened on Facebook since you last logged in. Here are some notifications that you missed from your friends". Well Facebook , it was intentional and don't remind me that it has been some time since I last saw your face. This was just the beginning... The mail(same one without a single change) used to be in my inbox every single day since that first mail!!!

Click on the image to enlarge

I thought mail was the only thing that bothers me. But I was WRONG. These sites would not leave me to stay in peace...  I get a text message stating a no. of updates being posted by my friends and I have missed checking them (W T H.. ) .  If I miss them, it my loss, what is it to you ??? I login or I do not do you have any problem Facebook??? others do not send me notifications if I do not login.. it is only you who is the one who annoys users like these.

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Well I didn't knew I would be troubled like this. I would definitely switch off notifications on all the sites before taking a break (POINT TO REMEMBER-1).Now almost all websites out there with user login facility have an option"login with Facebook/Twitter/Any other social media site" which is convenient as one is exempted to fill long forms of registration on the site as all your details will be extracted from the social media account and some more benefits accordingly.This makes on have an account on these sites which is beneficial if you are doing much of your tasks online. It is good to take breaks from doing things for a long (Very long) time (POINT TO REMEMBER-2). Overall, this short break has proved that once you get into social media, no matter what one or the other day, you will get back as these are somewhat useful as well in this era of digitalised world. However, when you decide to take a break make sure you switch off all the notifications . 

My break from social media sites did come to an end as I had many contests lined up to take part in and it was reaching the last day of participation(The main reason these days that I be on these social media platforms). Actually these days when I get on the web to check my mails etc I am done with all these so early I realised that majority of the time spent on the web was on social media platforms and I was saving those time in these few days. So a total of 10 days off social media did had its share of pros and cons...