Feb 18, 2013

My First International Journey - Day 3

Day 3 was one of the most awaited day of the journey! It was the day when we were about to witness the history, from about 500m above ground. It was the day when we were about to be AT THE TOP, the highest observatory in the world, located on the 124th floor of The Burj Khalifa.

Day 3 began in a similar fashion as day 2 with breakfast at Kaleidoscope , hurrying to get into the tour bus in time and making sure not to miss it, the same briefing by the guide blah blah blah...

Cut to  -  Downtown.
We make our way through the beautiful locales of Downtown to Souk-Al-Bahar , the modern day Gold Souk in Dubai. It is adjacent to the Dubai mall, the world's largest mall. It was early morning and we could only do a partial window shopping that time, though no regrets about that! 

Some pictures from Souk-Al-Bahar:

Moving Ahead and past the musical fountain that fascinates it viewers every evening, we enter the world's biggest mall, The Dubai Mall. The claim of this mall is that it is the world's biggest in terms of the area of the mall, and boy! it is damn huuuuuuggggeeeee!!

We were given, just about 30 mins for a stroll around the mall as the line to get to 124th floor was tremendously long and there were multiple security checks on the way. Yes, one goes to the Burj Khalifa Observatory via the Dubai mall.

And all of us spread out in the Dubai mall for a stroll and I hardly finished a piece of area in that 30 minutes. What I found in those minutes are as follows:
*there is a full-fledged ice-hockey rink with spectator stands on 2 sides.
* a gigantic aquarium
*a waterfall so huge that extends from roof till the ground floor!
and there is much more to explore and I wonder will 24 hours be enough to do that.

Time to get into the line to reach ON THE TOP.

A scale model with all the facts about the structure written below

After all the Security checks and stuff, it is a long way to reach the elevator that takes us to the observatory. By long way I mean - another long line of people waiting to go there. The elevators are reserved for one purpose - take people from ground level to 124th floor and back. They are 2 in no.s and it takes just precisely 59 seconds to reach the 124th floor. There is an symphony being played from the start till the end with a countdown timer to display the time.

At the elevator entrance

The view from the observatory is really breath-taking! A panoramic view of the whole city of Dubai and beyond. Truly one of the finest tourist attraction and a must visit to all people visiting Dubai.

Some pictures from AT THE TOP:

A view so stunning, you just cant get enough of it with just 2 eyes! Mann kar raha tha ki neech hi naa aau.. But had to. :(

Good Bye Burj Khalifa  or should I say Alvida ?

Heading  back to the hotel. Never noticed that it was well past afternoon. Time surely flies :D
One thing in Dubai is the amount of sports cars on the streets. Like we see Maruti, Honda cars etc on Indian streets, Ferraris , Infiniti cars dominate streets of Dubai.

 Ferrari - A Common sight in Dubai.
Agar dekhne se peth na bhara ho to hamare liye hotel me khaana bhi arrange karwaya tha! 

Destination - Kaleidoscope , Atlantis the palm

The day's schedule is too cramped that , we did not get time to breathe easily.
After the lunch, we headed for a Heli tour where we witness the city Of Dubai , The gulf of Arabia and much more from air. Another first time experience for me .

Another wonderful journey over in just 30 minutes! Phew, need a break...
Thought of taking a break - well had to give that thought a break for sometime, as it was time to get ready and proceed to next destination.

Destination :- Burj - Al - Arab.

A Gala party arranged for the guests by the seaside overlooking the Burj - Al - Arab.
A warm welcome , a cool breeze around with soft music in the background - perfect start for an evening.

The gala party had many stunning performances to entertain the audience along with couple of interactive contests and quizzes with tons of prizes. The evening along the beach was a fun filled and a memorable one!... With this, it ends day 3 and we head back to the hotel.

The night was filled with mixed emotions as many had to depart back to their home countries and some were staying back for another day at the Palm.

It was time to bid farewell to the new friends and get some sleep so that on the last day, I was filled with energy.